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Internal structure of SIM card
Jan 03, 2018

SIM Card is a microprocessor-equipped chip card, it has 5 internal modules, and each module corresponds to a function: Microprocessor CPU (8-bit), program memory ROM (3~8kbit), Working memory RAM (6~16kbit) data memory EEPROM (128~256kbit) and serial communication units. These 5 modules are sealed in the SIM card after the copper interface with the normal IC card packaging mode. These 5 modules must be integrated into a single integrated circuit, otherwise their security will be compromised because the wiring between the chips may be an important clue to the illegal access and misappropriation of SIM cards.

The SIM card power supply is divided into 5V (1998 ago), 5V and 3V compatible, 3V, 1.8V, and so on, of course, these cards must be used with the corresponding mobile phone, that is, the phone generated by the SIM card power supply voltage and the SIM card required voltage matching. After the SIM card is plugged into the phone, the power port provides power to each module in the SIM card.

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