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Overview of mobile phone format
Jan 03, 2018

Mobile phones are communicated by radio waves, and dual-frequency handsets and multi-frequency phones are two or three different bands of phones that can be used in the same format.

Dual-mode mobile phones and multimode handsets are available for two or more different mobile networks, such as GSM and PHS,GSM and CDMA,2G and 3G. Although these phones are less expensive than single mode handsets, they give users a choice and provide better flexibility. They are the standard transition phase of the product, in improving the efficiency of the network for customers and operators are relatively cost-effective choice.

At present, mobile phone system mainly includes GSM, CDMA, 3G three kinds, mobile phone since its inception, experienced the first generation of analog mobile phone (1G), second-generation GSM, TDMA and other digital mobile (2G), the first 2.5 generation of mobile communications technology CDMA and the third generation of mobile communication technology 3G.

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