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Tracking Locator
Jan 03, 2018

GPS satellite tracking locator uses GPS satellite positioning terminals to accurately locate remote targets, real-time tracking, remote monitoring, anti-theft anti-robbery. The mobile phone, network, PDA can query the target location anytime, anywhere, and real-time tracking the direction of the target movement and monitoring the sound around 5-15 meters, regardless of the target in the room or basement,

With GPS satellite locator, the target whereabouts of worry-free. This product lithium 2500 Ma, can be glued to the car chassis or other need to track positioning under the object, easy to hide, easy to carry, national positioning, real-time tracking targets, track playback, the elderly children can be carried, police use criminal investigation tracking and other uses. Regardless of the target in the desert, forest, ocean, mountain barren Hills field, can easily achieve positioning, easy to find the target.

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