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Apple Phone Number Tracker Not Valid Forced To Stand In Taipei
Jan 03, 2018

Famous app software "Super cell phone number tracker", because many consumers questioned simply do not have "tracking" function, to give the lowest level of "one star" evaluation, the Taipei municipal Government's consumer insurance 3rd this month issued a letter requesting the next shelf, the U.S. business Apple Computer has been removed from the itunes Store site. "This is a big win for Taiwanese consumers," said Yeqingyun, the Taipei Municipal council's chief Administrative Committee, yesterday.

Yeqingyun said the next frame was only the first step to protect consumers, and the city learned that Apple was still discussing whether to refund fees.

Chong, a Taipei city councillor, has held a press conference to question Apple's itunes Store App, "Super cell phone tracker," which has no function at all. Yeqingyun said that Apple sales of the "Super Mobile phone number tracker" software, sales descriptions of the relevant pictures and description of the text, misleading consumers, people mistakenly think that can track other people's movements, in fact, there is no "tracking" function, and even some consumers point out that after a paid installation, "completely unable to use."

More than 100 consumers have been surveyed by the Taipei City's Consumer insurance bureau in the past week. On Apple's website to give the software the lowest level of "one star" evaluation, and request a refund, the consumer insurance company that the sale of the software, has caused the damage to consumer property rights, a day ago sent a letter requesting Apple to put the software down the shelf.

He called on consumers to download the software, must carefully read the software instructions, in case of any consumer disputes, can be through the 1950-line to the Taipei Consumer Service Center to lodge a complaint.