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Do You Have A Phone Or A Traditional Communication Tool For Your Phone?
Jan 02, 2018

How many phone numbers do you remember besides yourself?

To the micro-letter asked a lap, in my answer, most people only remember the parents or objects, almost no more than three.

I am the same. A few months ago I had deliberately demerit several relatives of the mobile phone number, but now, they have become very fuzzy, sporadic can recall one or two series of numbers, also can not do hundred percent of determination.

Remember earlier, before the popularity of smart phones, everyone around the person's mobile phone number by heart, go out even if not with a mobile phone, you can directly into a telephone booth, by memory dial out the other person's number.

To later mobile popularity, call is one of the most important functions, although the phone saved the number, but there are many people habitually on the numeric keypad, with a direct to the Address Book Olives Fast speed Dial out the number.

Now, these things that used to be so far away from us, do not remember the number, for many people, even the phone function of smartphones has become a device.

Are we distancing ourselves from the phone?

Turn on the phone application and take a look at the latest phone records, maybe you still have to pick up a few phone calls a day, but how many of these are the friends you already have in the phone book? How many are all kinds of takeout, express, or inexplicable sales calls?