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Let The Dog Not Be Lost.
Jan 03, 2018

For hunting friends, the most heartache of the mountain hunting is the dog lost, back folder, stolen, these things every day in the dog of the Hunter's body staged, once the dogs lost will be difficult to find, in the process of looking for the dog not only consumes a lot of manpower, material resources, and particularly hard to find, the mountains deep, a vacant! The feeling of losing a dog I believe a lot of hunter friends have a deep understanding. This not only lost their own careful training of good comrades, but also can make people heartache, lost love dog and lost children is quite!

Fortunately, with the development of modern science and technology, more and more intelligent devices are widely popularized, which also brings the gospel to our hunters, which is a specialized research and development and production of animal GPS tracker. Covers a range of cattle, sheep, horses, and dog locators, recently, a new product, GE Tai Hound Locator Research and development department in a number of field test Product "Skynet No. 2nd", not only with the Hunter repeatedly explored, developed the latest series of Hounds to solve the new location update, Google Maps, battery consumption, GPS signal Weak, standby time and so difficult to solve the problem, but also specifically to solve the deep waterproof, shock prevention and fall of the problem, so that hunting friends can better enjoy the location of the fun.