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Mobile Phone Classification
Jan 02, 2018

Smartphones are classified as smartphones and not smartphones, and smartphones are better than non-smartphones, but smartphones are more stable than smartphones, and most non-smartphones and smartphones use the UK arm architecture's CPU. Smartphones have a high frequency, fast running speed, faster processing tasks, more daily convenience (for example: Nokia N81 with 369 MHz), and not smartphones with a lower frequency and slower speed (for example, Nokia 5000 is 50 MHz).

Smart phones, refers to the same as a personal computer, with a stand-alone operating system, most of the large screen machine, but also touch the capacitive screen, there are parts of the resistance screen, powerful and practical high. Can be installed by users, including games, such as third-party providers of the program, through such procedures to continuously expand the function of the mobile phone, and through mobile communication network to achieve the wireless network access to such a class of mobile phones collectively. To say the popular point is a simple "1+1=" formula, "PDA + mobile = Smartphone". In a broad sense, the smartphone, in addition to the phone's call function, also has most of the functions of PDA, especially personal information management and wireless data communication based browser and e-mail capabilities. Smart phones provide users with enough screen size and bandwidth, not only portable, but also for software operations and content services to provide a broad arena. Many value-added services can be launched, such as: Stocks, news, weather, transportation, merchandise, application downloads, music picture downloads, etc.

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