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Overview Of Mobile Positioning Tracker
Jan 03, 2018

Mobile positioning refers to the technology or service of locating the location of the targeted object on the electronic map by using the specific positioning technology to obtain the position information (latitude and longitude coordinates) of the mobile phone or end user.

There are two kinds of positioning technology, one is based on GPS positioning, one is based on mobile operation Network Base station positioning. GPS based positioning mode is to use the mobile phone GPS positioning module to send their position signals to the location of the background to achieve mobile phone positioning. Base station positioning is to use the base station to the distance of the mobile phone to determine the location of the phone. The latter does not require a mobile phone with GPS positioning capability, but the accuracy depends heavily on the base station distribution and coverage of the size, sometimes more than a kilometer error. The former has high positioning accuracy.

The newest mobile positioning technology is AGPS (ASSISTEDGPS: Auxiliary global satellite positioning System), it uses the communication base station information to assist the GPS module to carry on the handset localization, the main improvement lies in

1, in the room does not have the GPS signal place uses the base station localization to provide the position information, reduces the localization blind area;

2, compared with pure GPS and pure base station, AGPS has higher precision, and can be accurate to 10 meters.

In the GPS module to start the search star phase, through the base station positioning to determine the approximate location of the mobile phone, through the pre-existing mobile phone GPS satellite Ephemeris, you can quickly search the star, the time to search the star phase from 2-3 minutes, shortened to about 10 seconds.