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Software Characteristics Of SIM Card
Jan 03, 2018

The SIM card uses the new monolithic processor and the memory management structure, therefore the processing function greatly enhances. The logical structure of its Intelligent property is the tree structure. All attribute parameter information is expressed in data field, and there are 3 kinds of data information in SIM card:

1. Information related to the cardholder and all business information that the SIM card will provide in the future, this type of data is stored in the root directory;

2.GSM application of the unique information, this type of data stored in the GSM directory;

3.GSM applications use information that can be shared with other telecommunications applications or businesses, located in the telecommunications directory.

In the SIM card root directory has 3 application directory, one belongs to the administrative department of the application directory, the other two belong to the application of technical management directory, respectively, GSM application directory and telecommunications application directory. All directories are data fields, with binary and formatted data fields. The information in the data field is persistent, that is, it cannot be updated, and some of the temporary storage needs to be updated. Each data field expresses its purpose, degree of update, and characteristics of the data field. Moreover, the latest application will show the geographical characteristics.

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