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The Working Principle And Application Of Mobile Tracker
Jan 03, 2018

When the cell phone tracker is working, it will exchange signals with the mobile base station, and the mobile company will record where the card is and the base station to exchange signals. Our platform is to use this signal to get the base station code where the target is located, and then our platform resolves the code to determine where the tracking user is located.


1. Anti-Theft: The mobile phone positioning card on their own mobile phone, and then put the phone in their own car, you can at home on the platform, see their own car position (because the mobile phone positioning card is also in the car), play the role of anti-theft.

2. Anti-loss: the mobile phone positioning card on the child's mobile phone, in the home can be implemented to monitor the movement of the elderly children, no longer worry about their lost.

3. Monitoring: This card can be equipped with relatively inexpensive GSM positioning equipment, you can achieve the company's vehicle scheduling, and the cost of relative to GPs positioning, the cost is very low.