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Weak And Rugged Smartphone Market To Rise 25% This Year
Jan 03, 2018

Tencent Science and technology news the FT quoted the latest report as saying that while the global smartphone market is slowing, the rugged smartphone has a good future.

This type of product is expected to grow 25% to 22.2 million this year as more people working in harsh environments choose rugged smartphones, according to the latest estimates released by the market research firm CCS Insight. The agency also expects that this niche market will maintain growth, reaching 54.5 million by 2021.

This contrasts with the global smartphone market's growth of less than 4% this year. More consumers are now changing their phone cycles longer. British telecoms operator Dixons Carphone last week warned of the company's profits, saying that because of the lack of innovation in the mainstream smartphone market, consumers are now willing to replace their SIM cards with existing handsets instead of buying new ones.

At the same time, rugged handset makers have become more active and have added useful features to their products, such as thermal imaging cameras and barcode scanners.

The total number of smartphones shipped this year is 1.6 billion, and the rugged type is only a small part of it. CCS believes that as the design improves, rugged smartphones are no longer bulky and will be the preferred smartphone for more manual workers.

Bullitt Gao Thettim-shefford (Tim Shepherd) said: "The study points to the problems of many mobile phone products." Consumers are frustrated with the durability of their phones because they are difficult to meet the needs of their daily lives. We feel the same. ”